Incident Investigations

An effective incident investigation process is important for a business within an industry or size.  When incidents occur in the workplace, it is important to determine how and why it happened to ensure that it doesn’t occur again.

AsssA believes that all incidents can be prevented. Every incident that AsssA has investigated has determined a cause and by making the changes we have proven that this won’t happen again if the findings are adopted.

Many workplaces are investigating and coming to the conclusion that the individual was in the wrong.  Unfortunately, investigations that purely focus on the individual may miss more significant factors, exposing the business to the potential for further incidents..

Through knowledge and extensive experience AsssA investigators are able to conduct investigations to a very high standard.  AsssA have had significant exposure representing contractors for their larger WA blue-chip clients. The investigation processes that AsssA adopt are consistent with the end clients Incident Investigation systems such as ICAM, RCA, Taproot.

Our incident investigation processes will typically consist of the following:

  • A methodology for conducting investigations that details and provides guidance on how information should be analysed and collected that will determine the root cause or causes of an incident.
  • A process for defining different levels of investigation and evaluation depending on the nature of the incident.
  • A system for recording investigations allowing for trend analysis, action assignment and follow up and review of investigations.
  • Training processes to ensure sufficient people within an organisation are proficient in the use of the investigation methodology.
  • Reporting processes to ensure the right people are notified with the right information (including Regulators).

AsssA can assist your business in conducting incident investigations on your behalf, develop and implement comprehensive incident investigation processes and conduct incident investigation training.

Such recent high level investigations AsssA have conducted include; Tilt Panel Collapses, Crane Rollovers, Electric Shocks, Underground Services Being Struck, Falls from Height.