SQE Auditing & Inspections

AsssA’s Exemplar Lead Quality, Safety and Environmental Auditors are able to provide the following;

Certification Audits:

AsssA Auditors are able to provide initial Certification/Re-Certification and to transfer your certification of your Management System to the following standards;

AS/NZS 4801:2001 or OHSAS 18001:2007

Third Party Audits prior to Certification/Re-Certification:

Some of our clients utilise other certification bodies for accreditation of their systems;

AS/NZS 4801:2001 or OHSAS 18001:2007

Prior to these audits occurring, AsssA are able to provide an independent auditing service in accordance with the Management Plan internal auditing requirements where deficiencies may be identified and recommendations provided.

WorkSafe-Plan-Desktop Audits:

Whether you have an accredited Management system or not, yearly desktop audits are a way
to ensure that your legislative, client, or best practice requirements are being met. This
independent review will assist in identifying gaps and providing recommendations.

WorkSafe Plan Certificate Audits:

AsssA regularly audit industries within the Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction sectors. Having auditors who have previously worked for WorkSafe, we are able to concentrate not only legislative compliance, but pragmatic advice to ensure business and operational risks are minimized.

Certified National OSH Self Insurer Auditors:

It  assesses the legislative compliance against the Commonwealth Act, and effectiveness, of a licensee’s health and safety management arrangements and its health and safety management systems. It verifies that management systems are in place and evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of those systems.

Workplace Inspections:

It is important that organisation’s maintain a safe environment to ensure their workers are going home safe at the end of their shift.

Our inspections are a formalised evaluation of workplace practices and conditions and assist with legislative conformance and best practices. Qualified AsssA auditors are able to identify hazards and recommend areas for improvement.

AsssA assist with inspections requiring Federal and State legislative compliance.

A detailed Inspection report is compiled at the conclusion of the inspection process identifying areas of compliance, non-conformance and recommended actions.

AsssA acknowledge that not all industries are the same and inspection tools require development in accordance with what those requirements are.

Our regular inspection schedule for Government Bodies, Industry Groups and local WA Construction Companies continue to provide the reassurance they are operating at a peak standard.